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Save your bandwidth and accelerate Web browsing

When people count on the performance of your applications and networks, it’s time for you to count on BoostEdge by ActivNetworks.

BoostEdge is a network appliance developed to accelerate Web response time by optimizing and reducing data flows. BoostEdge is like no other Application Delivery Controller (ADC) you have ever seen. It raises the bar for speed, simplicity, scalability and cost effectiveness. Websites have never been faster. And network traffic has never been lighter.

Up to 10x faster response times

BoostEdge is a client-less front-end platform: Whatever the terminal or the browser, users will enjoy ultra-fast browsing thanks to unique features such as:

  • Remote cache control
  • Differential transmission
  • JPEG and PDF files size reduction
  • CSS and JavaScript minification
  • Video streaming optimization

Thanks to its patented “Plug’n Boost” technology, BoostEdge can be deployed and maintained very quickly without disruption to services nor modification to servers, applications or DNS.