BOOSTedge Provides Best in Class Web Content Optimizer

Improve eCommerce revenue
Reduce infrastructure cost on TCO
Reduce outgoing Cloud data Cost

  • Increase Network Capacity & ARPU
  • Reduce Bandwidth Consumption
  • Improve Users QoE
  • Content Acceleration
  • Load Balancing
  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Web Application Firewall


Mobile eCommerce Accelerator
Less than 3 seconds to display target
  • Accelerate your Web Site
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Minimize bounce rate
  • Improve your Google ranking

About Us

BOOSTedge SAS is a software development company specialized in web optimization, acceleration and caching.

BOOSTedge technology helps hundreds of Enterprises and Operators to improve internet response times, to secure connections, to save bandwidth, to reduce roaming data costs and to provide analytics.

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